Program Projection - Livelihood



Rewarding a “Sikad” (cycle rickshaw)

Frequency: Once a Year

In the Philippines both rural and urban areas where there are alleys or small passage, people are riding ”Sikad” or a local cycle rickshaw. Driving them has been used as a job for unemployed fathers who want to make money for the support of their families. Some of them will rent it and some of them own one. Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group salutes them for their hard work and thus we will be rewarding 100 Sikad for the fathers who are driving them for a living.

Target: 100 Families

Estimated Cost: ₱7,000/each, $150/each


Livelihood Programs (Teaching Basics)

Frequency: Twice a Year

“Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, Teach a man how to fish and he can eat for a lifetime”. We can hear this line often yet it always ends up whether the man you are teaching really loves to fish.  Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group designed a targeted livelihood program. Members of the community are being classified as to what they are passionate about. A set of professional volunteer on different field of expertise will teach individuals the basics of the business they want to start with. The organization will then help them in starting their own business.

Target: 1 community

Estimated Cost: ₱40,000/program, $1,000/program