Program Projection: FOOD RELIEF



Community Feeding Program

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group wants to start seeing a world without people with empty stomach. Cliché as it may sound but the organization will start working on local communities. The organization will be conducting a feeding program twice every month on different urban poor communities of Cebu, Philippines. Aside from just giving them food to eat, along with will be providing toys and ice cream for the children. And encourage them to continue going to school. We will also empower heads of the families and to remain responsible on the welfare of the kids.

Target: 500 members

Estimated Cost: ₱80/child, $2/child


Street Children Feeding Program

Frequency: Quarterly

With the growing number of street children, the organization will start working on giving importance to them and if possible look for the right organization that can provide shelter and care for them. The street children are mostly abandoned and are forced to beg on the streets. There hunger leads them to get involved with drugs and stealing. The organization hopes that a day comes that it will stop. Every quarter of the year, an activity is created to benefit them. We will roam around the city where they always stay and will randomly provide food to these children so that even for a day their empty stomach will be filled with a decent food.

Target: 500 Children

Estimated Cost: ₱50/child, $1.20/child


Honoring the Elderly

Frequency: Twice a Year

People often forget the worth of our grandparents who needs a lot of attention, in terms of medicine, food intake and even assistance on their daily life. Most of them are suffering from Alzheimer's which are common when people get aged. Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group has prepared a program that makes them remember for the rest of their lives. Partnering with house cares and institutions for the veterans, the team will prepare food for the seniors and shared gifts of their basic needs like tissue, toiletries, adult diapers, fan, and groceries. Along with is a short entertainment that made our seniors share their talents, some did sing and some did dance, but everyone else made a lot of fun.

Target: 200 seniors

Estimated Cost: ₱200/senior, $5/senior