Program Projection: EDUCATION



School Supplies for Student in Primary Level of Public Schools

Frequency: Once a Year

Based on research, one thing that motivates students in going to school is having complete things needed in school. A student would be able to participate effectively on school activities if they have bags, pencils, paper, notebooks, coloring materials, scissors, etc. Public schools that provide free education for as early as primary to secondary high school are available in the Philippines for the benefit of the less fortunate. However institutions like such can only provide books and other reading materials. It’s painful to think that a child who wants to go to school in his hopes of being able to provide a good life to his family have not realized his simple dreams because of the parents’ inability to buy what the student needs. Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc. hopes to provide a complete set of school supply. Students will receive a bag with a pad of writing paper, 6 notebooks, a pencil, coloring materials, and scissors.

Target: 500 students

Estimated Cost: Php450/bag, $10/bag


Scholarship for College Levels

Time Recurrence: Twice a Year (Semester)

Since establishing a career is a student’s goal, Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc. will provide a scholarship grant for deserving students who aspire to study college. The student must be someone whom passionate of getting a degree but is unable because of families’ financial incapability. The organization will pay for the tuition fee and will provide a book allowance, and a monthly food and transportation allowance. The student will be required to present the grading report every end of the semester to ensure good academic performance and for him to be able to continue the scholarship grant.

Target: 20 students

Estimated Cost: ₱25,000/student per semester, $545/student per semester



Students with Disability (Special Education) Visit

Frequency: Once a Year

Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group has a huge heart for children with disabilities. The organization would love to give hope and by making their special school experience worthwhile. With the partnership of local SPED (Special Education) institutions in Cebu City, Phil. The organization will provide a recreational activity in their classrooms. The organization will also give food, coloring books and materials, balloons and will be entertained by a clown. In this way the organization will be able to paint smiles on their faces and recognize that they are also a part of our communities

smiles on their faces and recognize that they are also a part of our communities

Target: 500 students

Estimated Cost: ₱200/student, $5/student


Armchairs for Public Schools

Frequency: Once a Year

Shortage of seats has been a long overdue issue on the public schools of the Philippines. In areas where there is a huge population of students and has very limited classroom, some students are sitting on the floors of their classroom or some would share with their classmates. The government’s education department has been trying to resolve the issue but still failed to address it completely. Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group will slowly make efforts on this issue and therefore will provide 50 armchairs in every year, prioritizing the schools that need it the most.

Target: 100 armchairs

Estimated Cost: ₱1200/armchair, $30/armchair