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CHIGI Empowering Lives through Health, Wellness and Dental Care

On September 29, 2016, we provided health and dental check ups as well as wellness sessions for 200 residents of Barangay Subangdaku, Mandaue City. It was held in St. Justin Hall, San Roque Parish Church and Dr. Adam Alviar Dental Clinic. In partnership with Quota International of Southwest Cebu, we were also able to provide free massage sessions for the beneficiaries. This is by far, the biggest outreach event we’ve had in CHIGI and we are grateful that we were able to provide free check ups, vitamins, medicine, and other freebies from various sponsors.

CHIGI Feeding Program for Senior Citizens

Our Seniors' Feeding Program was held last July 30, 2016 at the San Roque Parish Gymnasium from 3:00PM-5:00PM. Through the money we gathered from donations and the coin bank challenge, we were able to provide meals and grocery gifts for 100 senior citizens. It was also a meaningful experience for both the volunteers and beneficiaries when we held games and grouped them into small groups for life sharing. We want to give a huge thank you to all the cash donors, coin bank challenge participants and volunteers for offering your resources and time to help us make this outreach program successful! It's a time invested with the beneficiaries, never a time a wasted.

CHIGI Backpack Distribution

On May 21, 2016, we gave backpacks with complete school supplies for 100 upcoming grade 1 students residing in front of Hypermarket in Reclamation area, at Subangdaku's Botanical Garden. Thanks to the participants of the blue on going SAVE - UP & DONATE challenge, we were able to bless these kids and we wanted the kids to know! They took pictures with simple posters saying thank you to their donors. Education is the cure for poverty and a creator of hopes and dreams. CHIGI is committed to helping their dreams come true. With the right tools, they have a chance to make their dreams come true. With the help of our donors, we are making those dreams a reality.


This are the people found guilty for being a humanitarian. They took the challenge to SAVE UP and DONATE and successfully finished it. And here's what they can say.

CHIGI Community Feeding (Brgy. Mantuyong)

On March 6, 2016 CHIGI celebrated one of our Board's Birthday with the children of Brgy. Mantuyong Community. Ms. Lovey Banzon, the celebrant, was very happy spending a memorable day with these vibrant kids. We hope that she serves as an inspiration to other girls all over the world. She indeed lives by the organization's motto "Giving to others, hoping for love to spread."

CHIGI Street Children Feeding

Before CHIGI ended the year 2015, another memorable event became successful as the team spent a day with the street children near Plaza Independencia in Cebu City, Philippines. The team aims to celebrate its wonderful 2015 journey by treating the street children with burger.
CHIGI is very proud and at the same time thankful to the generous individuals who partnered with CHIGI in making this event a success. And the team is also grateful to have volunteers who at their young age understood the importance of giving back to people in need.

CHIGI Christmas Giving

A Merry and Bright Christmas...
There is nothing more fulfilling than making people remember the true spirit of Christmas which is Sharing and Thanksgiving. December 23, 2015, we are very glad that with the help of generous people like our valued Sponsors, CHIGI was able to share happiness to the families of Brgy. Guizo, Mandaue City. We hope that with this simple gift, their Christmas this year will be Merry and Bright! Happy Holidays and continue spreading the love.


CHIGI Street Children Burger Treat

A surprise treat…

In the Philippines, people treat their buddy for a burger and a drink if it’s their birthday or if there is something they’ve achieve worthy of celebrating. Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc. will do it as we consider our everyday blessings worth celebrating. But we will give the surprise treat to people who have not experience it yet and we consider our buddies – the street children. They are all over the streets all day, begging for food but only few are lending a hand. Last October 5, 2015 CHIGI prepared burger and drinks and distributed it to the street children and their families around Fuente Osmena Circle and Jones Avenue in, Cebu City Philippines. The event was a combined effort of CHIGI and one of our staff celebrating his birthday that day. He chose to celebrate his birthday not with a costly party with friends but a memorable giving to people with empty stomach. The organization hopes to inspire people with the same compassion. If you are one, you can support to this quarterly program under our food relief efforts. Send any amount of donation.


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CHIGI Special Education Students

They are never left behind…

November 26, 2015 was a special day for Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc. As 100 students under the Special Education Center of Zapatera Elementary School in Cebu City, Philippines had a break from school activities to have fun and celebrate the beauty of life. They are students who have behavioural, communicational, intellectual, and physical or multiple exceptionalities that requires special education programs and services to benefit fully from their school experience. CHIGI reaches out to these children reminding them that they are not being left behind and they are no different to every other student. Through contributions from generous individual we were able to share food and treat the kids with their favourite ice cream. All the kids had a little take-home gift as well and the school received puzzle mats for the classrooms of the center. Everyone had fun as CHIGI team prepared games and surprised them with a clown entertainer. But more than what we gave the important thing is we were able to spend time with the kids and make them realize their worth and role in our community. This program under our education efforts will take place quarterly in different Special Education centers. Feel the need of reaching out to these students by sending in any amount of donation.


CHIGI Honoring the Elderly

They Never Forget Happy Memories…
Often forgotten, our grandparents need a lot of attention, in terms of medicine, food intake and even assistance on their daily life. Compassion For Humanity Int’l Group Inc. visited one of the Elderly Home Cares of Cebu City Philippines. The Daughters of St. Camillus Home for the Aged welcomed the whole team on October 23, 2015. 36 seniors under the care of the said center were mixed of abandoned, sickly, less fortunate, and others are enrolled by their family who cannot give full attention to the needs of an elderly. Most of them are suffering from Alzheimer's which are common when people get aged. With the help of generous individuals who shared their love for the seniors, CHIGI have prepared a program that makes them remember for the rest of their lives. The team prepared food for the seniors and shared gifts of their basic needs like tissue, toiletries, adult diapers, fan, and groceries. Along with is a short entertainment that made our seniors share their talents, some did sing and some did dance, but everyone else made a lot of fun. You can never hide huge smiles from their faces and some are in tears of joy. The whole team was overjoyed to have left a happy memory everyone will never forget wherever they go. And for CHIGI the mission does not end here the organization will continue to lend a hand to communities with senior citizens. If you want to give the same honor that we have please be with and support this cause by sending in any amount of donation.


CHIGI Feeding Program

On September 26, 2015 Compassion For Humanity Int’l Group Inc. visited one of the urban poor areas of Cebu City Philippines. With the help of generous individuals that shared their blessings and supported our mission to lessen the growing statistics of hungry children in local communities, we were able to give joy to 200 children of Sitio San Isidro, Mabolo. More than just filling their empty stomachs with the food we prepared, the team filled them with fun and inspiring memories by teaching the children to always value education, to be strong and positive despite life’s challenges and to be God fearing at all times. The 200 children had even bigger smiles after we treat them with ice cream and shared a lot of toys. On that day they remembered that they were kids and they deserve to have fun like any other kids. CHIGI will continue its mission on fighting against poverty and hunger. If you are with us in this mission, you can help the organization by sending in any amount of donation. Big or small it can make a huge difference so no one goes hungry.