Feeding Program

feedingThe fight against Malnutrition in the Philippines is a losing battle leading to increase in poverty and the number one cause of school dropouts in many regions. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reported that about 4 million (32.8 percent) are underweight for their age. Three million (19.8 percent) adolescent and five million adults (12.2 percent) are chronically micronutrient and energy deficient.

Faced wit this great challenge, we provide nutrition education and counseling to teach correct meal planning that can result to better nutrition and better school performance for students in school. In the future, we hope to empower students and communities to plant, grow and harvest their own food that is clean and naturally grown, free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizer through home vegetable gardens.

Many cynics believe that our feeding program is a band-aid solution” to malnutrition. But our studies show that through our regular feeding program, more students are more motivated to go to school because they don’t have to come to class with an empty stomach.