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About Us

Is a Non Profit Organization that is working towards community development and empowerment by tirelessly encouraging communities to identify areas where we can make the most impact in alleviating poverty in the region. We are geared towards providing sustainable livelihood and entrepreneurial programs, skills development for young people and out of school youth and assisting in social work in isolated areas.


Our Mission is to work with communities to enhance quality of life by alleviating poverty through comprehensive programs in education, employment generation, healthcare, food and shelter with the cooperation and involvement of local residents in strategic community partnerships. We seek to catalyze broad impact through our guiding principles of open communication, community ownership, transparency and accountability.


We strive to see a world where people with dignity and security actively participate in long-term community programs and social services that effectively reduce poverty and create opportunities for themselves and others.


ceo - Herminia "Tootsie" F. Spaller / CEO

"Poverty is not new to me for I was one of those who have come face to face to the cruelty that it brings to people's lives. Just like everyone else, I dreamt of escaping it and with pure hard work and perseverance I pulled myself out of that pit of misery and unfathomable lack of hope. 

Compassion for Humanity is not just an ordinary charity foundation for we seek for a long term solution to the hardships that many people in our society experience everyday. We yearn for that moment when there are no more children on the streets and each of them are given the opportunity to have an education. We are always prepared to extend help where help is needed especially during disasters and calamities which are very common in the Philippines. We coordinate with various charity groups and communities to effectively plan and carry out our programs.
Together, we can make a better tomorrow not only for ourselves but for generations to come."

coo - Paul Jason Spaller / COO

"We all have a calling. Compassion is mine. I must help as many people as I can before God takes me home. Through our efforts to serve the people, the progress in different communities will determine our impact in the Philippines, and God-willing, worldwide."